This is me on a Geography field trip (to Yorkshire I think, which is now my home!). I was about 11. I have two overriding memories of the trip, falling over in a river and filling my wellies with water, and everyone else on the trip becoming big fans of jumping into cow pats. To my knowledge I was the only one that didn’t join in, and even though I thought it was horrible I felt left out nonetheless! I have written two haikus about this trip.

Sloshing round my feet

Oddly comforting as it

Protects from the cold

Jumping in cow shit,

Shell cracks like a crème brulee

Reveals gooey filling


And a slightly sweeter photo, of me and my sisters on holiday about ten years ago. I’ve just danced away from childhood but the other three are still at school:

Always together

Playing, laughing, arguing

Companions for life.

(Am also very pleased that I worked out how to upload photos to the blog. Hurray!)