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Warmth and solitude
Halfway between up and down
In weightless suspense.



The torchlight beam glanced off piles of rubble here and there. The rest of the tunnel was swallowed by blackness. Even for eyes used to darkness, this was a particularly thick patch. Cath breathed deeply to calm herself and felt a noxious stench slide into her nostrils. Slick and sweet, with a sickly undertone. She breathed out quickly as though the contamination could be banished that quickly and clamped her mouth shut. Still her stomach lurched and she coughed into her hand discreetly. She was sure the others must be able to smell it – although she couldn’t see them – but she’d be damned if she was going to be the person to point it out. Surely the blind girl must feel it like it was crawling inside her. Cath had heard the smell was stronger for them, more sensitive. And that guy Lukas, he was a right pussy. She didn’t like to be unkind, but she couldn’t imagine how he was going to survive up there. She couldn’t see him now, but she’d seen how white he looked when they’d gone up the escalator. He didn’t want to be down here, so god only knows how he would manage up there.

Her lip curled into a sneer. One thing about being in the dark like this, no one could see her face. It felt like freedom.





Verbal Scalding

Tumbling, tripping
Words plummet towards me on
White hot raging lava.

Triumph of the Screen

Bleeding and sore eyes
Dizzy, aching head. I quit.
Again the screen wins!


A slimy finger
Glides around the neck, dirty
Nail scraping the skin.


Worms writhing within,
Condensing into a knot
With churning outsides.


He is so loathsome
And yet I lean towards him
Without knowing why.


They come at nightfall,
Bleeding, hungry, desperate
Grasping clawlike hands.


Pus squelching, oozing
Blood. Fingers work to free a
Slimy pound of flesh.


Straggling hair balls
Clumped out across the pillow,
Dark and full of grease.